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Greetings from the pastors

G12 Europe conference 2012 comming soon

We have the great pleasure to invite you to one of the year's highlights, the annual G12 European Conference!

This year's host is Södermalmskyrkan and the conference will take place in the church building at Södermalm, in beautiful city of Stockholm.

The theme for the conference is "Paint the town red! "and it calls churches and Christians in Europe to affect our cities and nations with the Gospel of the Cross and of God's abundant love.

Bring your family and friends to a life-changing weekend for all ages. The children will have their own conference in the church shoolbuilding.

If you want to, we can help you to find an accommodation in a price range that suits you. Read more about the conference on our website and if you have further questions we will respond as soon as possible!

We look forward to see you in Stockholm!

Pastor Lennart and Carolina Torebring
Lennart Och Carolina Torebring

Special Guests

Cesar Claudia

César & Claudia Castellanos

Are the pastors of Misión Carismática Internacional in Bogota, with over 150,000 members. The apostle César's teaching about the power of the blood of Jesus has revolutionized the lives of many people and brought healing into marriages and families. MCI has had a great impact on their society to the point that Colombias President visits the annual MCI G12 International Conference.

Lorena Castellanos

Lorena Castellanos with
the band Soulfire

Lorena is the daughter of Pastor Cesar and Claudia Castellanos. Through her dedication to Jesus and her musical gift she has touched thousands of young people in Colombia. Her self-written songs about the love of Jesus and the theme "to raise a new generation" have been characteristic of the revival that goes up in Colombia. In the European Conference she will visit Stockholm with her group Soulfire Revoution.

Bray Sibley

Pastor Bray Sibley

Pastor Bray Sibley is passionately devoted to his family and to the call of God. He and wife, Pastor Diane Sibley, have served in thereministry for over 27 years. As a pastor, musician, and apostle, Pastor Bray is a dynamic visionary with contagious faith. In addition to being the Senior Pastor of Harvest Family Church & Church at Perkins Rowe, he mentors a network ofpastors in the G12 Vision and preaches around the world.Pastors Bray & Diane Sibley have five children, all committed to the ministry and to the call of their lifes.


Pastor Lennart and
Carolina Torebring

Are the hosts of the conference is Södermalmskyrkan. They have been working with the G12 vision since 2003 and through their work they have seen a traditional congregation beeing rised up to a hole new level of discipleship. With the cell-vision, several hundred of people have given their lifes to God and the church, and therefor become an inspiration for other churches in Sweden and Europe. They are now the responsible coordinators for the G12 work in Europe.